The creation of this group represents an important step toward the organization of civil society in favor of Family Farming.

A meeting of agricultural producers, indigenous people, peasants and students from Colombia was held from August 23 to 26 in the College of Agriculture, University of Caldas, in Manizales. More than eight hundred people participated, belonging to different associations; indigenous reservations; universities and research institutions; farming organizations as ASOPECAM, ACEPAZ, AgroSolidaria, Plataforma Sur and CNA; and NGOs as IMCA, Swissaid and RECAB Antioquia.

The event not only allowed to know what is happening in Colombia in relation to the increasing foreign ownership of land or local seeds, but also provided a great opportunity to strengthen peasant organizations’ commitment in the fight for their defense and vindication.

Another important topic presented during the meeting was the International Year of Family Farming 2014 (IYFF 2014). A presentation on this matter was made by Erminsu Pabon, Director of the Instituto Mayor Campesino, with the explicit support of AgroSolidaria Confederation.

The great news are that, in this meeting, and after the presentation of IYFF 2014, four organizations decided to establish the National Committee for the Promotion of this important event. MAELA (Agroecological Movement of Latin America and the Caribbean), IMCA, Econexos and Agrosolidaria are behind this initiative.

In addition to this, other agricultural and civil organizations have already shown interest in joining this committee. With this aim, several meetings are planned next October, among which several meetings with producer organizations are being prepared. Another challenge that will face the National Committee is to begin to agree on their objectives and activities that they want to implement in the context of the IYFF 2014.

After the Ecuadorian National Committee IYFF 2014, this is the second one established in Latin America. Gradually, organizations are beginning to self-organize for the IYFF 2014, certainly a unique setting to intensify advocacy work that has been carried out for decades in the country.

As the global coordinator of the campaign, the World Rural Forumwishes to express its joy and total support for this initiative. In turn, the WRF encourages other agricultural and civil organizations worldwide to launch their own National Committees under the IYFF 2014. Organization and unity are the best ways to get better policies for Family Agriculture.

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