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World CSO Coordinating Committee for the UNDFF

Brings together a large number of civil society organisations that are of great importance to family farming and that work to defend and promote family farming by identifying and tracking the priorities necessary for the success of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF).

Discusses strategies and priorities and supports the implementation of the UNDFF.

Firmly believes in the opportunity presented by the Decade to improve the lives of farmers and to establish a favourable environment for family farming in different countries with public policies that specifically support family farming, and ensures that relevant objectives and goals are realised.

Structure of the WCC:

The WCC comprises at least 2 organisations per continent that were involved in the 2014 IYFF (at least one organisation represents the family farming organisations while the other represents the National Committees for Family Farming –NCFF- of the region). Additionally, representatives of farming networks, rural associations and international NGOs form part of the WCC.

The World Rural Forum (WRF) acts as the Secretariat of the WCC because of its leading role in the campaigns for the IYFF 2014 and the IYFF+10 initiative.