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Regional and Subregional plans

Several regional intergovernmental organizations FAO, IFAD, regional farmers’ organizations, AFA, COPROFAM, PDRR, PROPAC, ROPPA, etc; and with other partners are promoting the implementation of the UNDFF and the development of Regional Actions Plans. Regional intergovernmental spaces have a very significant role in the implementation of the UNDFF agenda. They bring a great contribution to the discussions on Family Farming at the national level and the development of UNDFF National Action Plans. The UNDFF Regional and Sub-regional plans provide guidance and stimulate the implementation of the UNDFF agenda in the countries. So far, significant progress has been made at sub regional level: there are currently 3 Sub regional Action Plans elaborated, 1 Sub regional Action Plan in the drafting process and mobilization efforts in 2 more Sub-regions.

UNDFF Action Plans

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Mercosur/GMC/Acta Nº 1/23

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