We have got finally the good news that many of our organizations have been waiting for. Today, December 22nd 2011, at 4.55 pm, New York time, the UN General Assembly has declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming-IYFF.

Last October, the Permanent Mission of the Philippines to the UN, introduced to the GA Second Committee a draft resolution about the IYFF declaration, co-sponsored afterwards by many other countries and, eventually approved by consensus of all its members. We are extremely grateful to the Permanent Mission of the Philippines for its leadership and its commitment to the IYFF declaration procedure, and to all the countries that have co-sponsored the draft Resolution or given their final approval.

Thanks to the kindness of the Spanish Permanent Mission, José Antonio Osaba has been present during today´s GA plenary session in New York, keeping in mind with admiration during such historical moments, the more than 350 organizations from 60 countries that have been supporting the IYFF Campaign.

We have reached the main objective of our common Campaign in favour of the IYFF declaration, started on February 2008, after the celebration of the II IFAD´s Frasers’s Forum in Rome. For the first time in history, an International Year has been promoted by Civil Society. Many thanks to everybody!

From now onwards, FAO will take care -at the request of the UN General Assembly-, of the IYFF 2014 official programme, in cooperation with IFAD, etc. We would like to express our deep gratitude to both organizations for their advices and their support to the IYFF Campaign during these past years.

As far as the organizations adhering to the IYFF are concerned -and for others who would like to join-, a new challenge is in front of us: the World Preparation Programme 2012-2013 of the IYFF 2014, aimed at making this year an unforgettable event, a very unique opportunity to fulfil many of the aspirations of the women and men farmers, pastoralists, traditional fishers, indigenous communities, in full cooperation with FAO, IFAD, etc.

As Civil Society, the main dimension of the IYFF preparation work, under the leadership of the farmers organizations, pastoralists, traditional fishers, etc. will be focussed on identifying and promoting in each country the main demands and aspirations of rural women and men, to be addressed to each government, requesting the approval of agricultural policies in favour of a sustainable and prosperous Family Farming.

The common efforts of all our organizations will make it possible, as it has already proved in relation with the IYFF official declaration!

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