The WRF is pleased to share the Concept Document (summary) on which the Decade of Family Farming is based. The government of Costa Rica is taking the lead in requesting the United Nations General Assembly to extend IYFF 2014 by declaring a Decade on Family Farming.

The focus of the Decade of Family Farming is based on a positive and dynamic approach that shows civil society and its institutions not only the challenges or difficulties of family-scale agriculture, but rather its great contributions, both real and potential, to global food, combating poverty, hunger and malnutrition and attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.

This Concept Document contains the background, objectives and expected results of the Decade of Family Farming.

The overall objective of the Decade of Family Farming is to contribute to the international community’s efforts to end poverty in all its forms, reduce inequality and combat climate change, while ensuring that no one gets left behind.

Family farming produces between 70 and 80% of food globally, playing a vital role in feeding the planet, as well as achieving rural employment, income creation, and the appropriate management of its natural resources, including land and water.

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