Today’s program: FRIDAY 7 OCTOBER


Plenary Session
Family Farming and Climate Change
Presenter: Ms. Pilar Santamaria. Director of Environment, Regional Planning, Agriculture and Fishing. Basque Country. Speaker: Mr. Miguel Altieri. President of SOCLA (The Latin America Scientific Society for Agroecology).


Plenary Session
International Organizations Policies to Promote Family Farming
Presenter: Ms. Begoña Iñarra. Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network Executive Secretary. (EFJN). Speakers: D. Jean Philippe Audinet. Senior Tecnical Advisor, Policy and Technical Advisory Division, IFAD.
Mr. Jose Ignacio Olascuaga. Coordinator of the REAF (Specialized Meeting of Family Farming of MERCOSUR). America.
Mr. Shivaji Pandey. Director Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP) Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

Express questions Presenter: Ms. Begoña Iñarra. Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network Executive Secretary. (AEFJN) .


Plenary Session
Examples of National Policies in favour of Family Farming
Presenter: Mr. Jesús Casas. General Director of Sustainable Development on Rural Affairs.
Speakers: Mr. Sadamate. Advisor of the Planning Commission of India. Indian Government.
Mr. Laudemir Müller. Secretary of Family Farming of the Agrarian Development Ministry, Brazil.
Mr. Zhang Xiaoshan. Rural Development Institute (RDI) Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), Beijing, China.


Coffee Break


Plenary Session
Final Declaration of the World Conference:
Specific proposals for Family Farming
World Rural Forum.


Closing Session
Mr. José María Zeberio. Executive Secretary of the World Rural Forum.
Mr. Noel De Luna. Chair of the Committee on Food Security.


World Rural Forum General Assembly
Open Assembly